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php open sources A successful web site is not about "coding" or "fancy design". A successful web site needs to be handcrafted by a team consisting of creative professionals, marketing minds, graphic & web designers and programmers. The content and imagery should clearly display the benefits of your services in a crisp, clean and attractive format, with an easy to use navigation system.

IT Suvidha is a custom website design company India specializing in My SQL and PHP Programming, script installing, modification, and PHP Customization. We are based in the India Catering to both large and small companies, no matter how small or large your project is. IT Suvidha designs, PHP and My SQL driven websites for our customers.


A CMS website will allow the customer to manage all website content in other word, a CMS website will allow its customer to update the text and photos, and products on the website, via the CMS, without knowledge of technical web design or development or experience. Content management system (CMS) means easy to handle and user friendly.

Since the Content Management systems are built on open-source platforms, supporting, managing, and expanding these systems is straightforward and cost-effective.

These days most clients need to regularly update or change the content of their website, and being able to manage this internally with a user-friendly CMS system is vital. At IT Suvidha we offer a number of CMS solutions like Joomla, Drupal, Dotnetnuke, Wordpress, Oscommerce etc all of which are tailored or bespoke designed to suit our clients' functionality and budget requirements. And once installed, your CMS will enable you to easily manage elements of your site, such as text, images, headers, products and prices. But best of all our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor means your CMS will look and feel just like a simple word-processing application, so you won't need to be a master of the web to pick it up quickly and create and amend pages on demand.

At IT Suvidha we have spent many years developing numerous CMS software solutions like Joomla, Drupla, Dotnetnuke, Oscommerce, Wordpress etc . We have placed great emphasis on developing systems that are both usable and easy to learn, to assist users in keeping their sites fresh and up to date to meet the needs of site visitors.

Do you have a website that you want to manage from your side without having technical knowledge and you don't want to spend a lot of money to manage your website? Then we can help you to build your website where you should manage easily ...that save your time and money!. IT Suvidha expert in CMS website development. We'll design your website as per your requirement and build in a Content Management System so you can edit every web page, photo etc without any technical ability required.

Web Applications

Through Web application Development, we facilitate the users of your website to interact in a superior way. The users can send queries to you by filling up online forms. They can also get registered online. Besides, it offers a host of other convenience to you and the users of your website.

IT Suvidha believes that web application development is paramount to carry out online business efficiently in both micro as well as macro levels. An online presence means more than just an Internet brochure to a web business. The custom web application developments designed by experts are capable of improving the efficacy of any aspect of your business. IT Suvidha deals with web application development projects of any density and duration. Be it a small web site, a multifarious e-commerce web application or corporate website - we develop it all for you.

Custom Website applications featuring need-based and great-value functionality help improve the bottom line by increasing productivity, enhancing information & business process transparency and escalating business system efficiency. IT Suvidha website application development team focuses on creating innovative solutions that match - or exceed - our clients' objectives. A web application is commonly structured as a three-tiered application. In its most common form, a web browser is the first tier, an engine using some dynamic web content technology (e.g., CGI, PHP, Java Servlets or Active Server Pages) is the middle tier, and a database is the third tier. The web browser sends requests to the middle tier, which services them by making queries and updates against the database and generating a user interface.

Web interfaces have increasingly been used for applications that have previously been thought of as traditional, single-user applications. For example, Microsoft HTML Help replaced Windows Help as the primary help system in Microsoft Windows. Like their networked brethren, such applications generate web pages as their user interface and send them (sometimes via an embedded HTTP server) to a local web browser component, which then renders the pages for the user and returns user input to the application. Web applications powered by embedded web servers have also become commonplace as the user interfaces for configuring network components such as servers, switches, routers, and gateways.


E-commerce is your online store. It showcases your products to the whole world. Your get purchase orders through emails and also receives the payment online. The number of people buying products online is rising day by day and it's your time to go for e-commerce to maximize profit.

IT Suvidha use the php open source system to develop whole range of e-commerce stores for our customers to sell & buy his own product and service online. Our e-commerce stores provide businesses with the perfect online platform to advertise and sell their products and services to a broad range of customers spread across geographical locations. E-commerce stores can be used to retail a whole range of products and services. Ecommerce is an ensemble of technologies that make possible the online access to services via the Internet and it follows a thin client model, in which multiple services are packaged and presented to a given user to meet their specific requirements. It facilitates technologies and core infrastructure components, for majority of the needs, be defined and implemented independently of tangible business requirements.

IT Suvidha provides complete Web and e-commerce solutions for any size business or organization. Our experience allows us to offer you a solution from a single page web store front to a complete database driven, fully interactive intranet, and internet environment. Everyday new business models are evolving everyday and the relationships of a company within its network and outside of its purview are constantly changing. So it becomes imperative for companies to ensure that their e-business initiatives can be optimized to reach and serve customers in different ways and establish new relationships as the business grows. IT Suvidha offers a complete e-commerce solution that includes E-commerce web portals, content management system, merchant account, payment gateway, back-end merchant management of your store and products, real-time order processing, real-time credit card authorization, customer account management, order history, sales tracking, and much more.

Blog Management

Having a managed blog is the best thing you can do for your business online. We understand that most business owners spend their every waking minute trying to figure out newer ways to beat their competition, and to take care of their customers. In fact, that is why most blogs get neglected. At IT Suvidha we have always been enthusing our clients to maintain blogs – to post a minimum of 7 to 9 articles each month.

We help you to keep your blog up to date and searchable. A blog is about more than just content, it needs to look good, work fast and deliver on it's promises.

Facebook Application

Are you looking for an way to create attractive pages on Facebook? Are you wondering how businesses are creating Welcome tabs?

IT Suvidha is a team of professional graphic/web designers and marketers that work together to develop unique custom Facebook pages. There are many benefits to having a custom Facebook pages.

We offer affordable pricing for our design services. Contact us today to get started so we can help make your Facebook page ROCK!

Mobile Application

Need an app, but don't know where to begin?

With a great UI/UX team, and a strong engineering framework and backend, application development is our passion. No matter what type of app or platform, we have expertise in designing and developing all types of mobile apps. IT Suvidha deployed several mobile solutions and mobile apps for specific industry verticals such as travel, healthcare, banking and entertainment.
At IT Suvidha we offer cost effective mobile apps for all platforms.
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